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Tom Driscoll
The Driscoll Carbon Fiber Tuning Lever
The Driscoll  CF Tuning Lever is inspired by the trades movement away from the old heavy supply house tuning levers to a new generation of  carbon fiber designed levers.  These stiffer and lighter carbon fiber levers have proven to be easier on the wrist and forearm while providing  the tuner a superior tactile connection to the movements of the tuning  pin.
Weighing just 10.5 ounces the Driscoll CF Tuning Lever is 12.5" long with an ergonomic 1.75"  diameter hardwood ball end .   The lever is compatable with supply house heads and tips and is provided with a Schaff  15 ° short head and # 2 Watanabe tip.  The 15° head combined with the levers narrow profile allow easy sight lines to the tuning pin and ample clearance on all but the tallest of plate struts. If the lever does contact the plate or stretcher the rubberized grip is very forgiving. No more accidentally chipped plate finishes!
I've used my prototype CF lever for over 1500 tunings and the wrist and arm discomfort that I would experience after a long day of tuning is gone.
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The Driscoll Tuning Lever is handcrafted and is by far the most affordable CF lever on the market.
Priced at
$195.00 will include free priority shipping within the continental United States.
To order, call Tom at 508-485-0369 or e-mail
Thomas Driscoll Piano Service, 26 Walnut Street, Marlborough, MA 01752
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Reviews from piano tuner-technicians:
"There were two things I thought I knew:
My Hale hammer was up to the task and the 5 degree heads were best as recommended by my mentor 40 yrs ago.
Tom's lever disproved both notions. The Driscoll CF Tuning Lever is lightweight and ergonomic. Pin manipulation is beyond what I was used to or imagined possible. Switching pins is effortless. I only carry one lever now instead of three. It's a great lever that really impressed me with it's laser-like precision." 

Regards, Jon Page,
Piano Technicians Guild Member
Harwich, MA
"I have had a few occasions to tune with your new Driscoll CF Tuning Lever. It feels great and the more I use it the more I like its thin profile. I definitely like the way it grips the head of the pin and  that I can change pins without  letting  go of the ball.  I would describe it as another flavor in this new realm of high tech tuning levers."

Regards, Dale S. Erwin, Custom Piano Restoration
Piano Technicians Guild Member, Modesto, CA
"Hi Tom,

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am using your new carbon fiber tuning hammer.  I have used other CF tuning levers and found them easy to use, but bulky and hard on the hand.  Your lever, being thinner in diameter, is easier to grip and the rubberized coating makes it softer to pull, push and tap.    I use it exclusively now and wish it was available years ago.  Thanks."

Phil Ryan, Piano Technicians Guild Member
Miami Beach, FL
"I have tuned fifteen pianos in three days in a school district and not taken any ibuprofen to get me through each day. My shoulder is painless. The lever floats from tuning pin to tuning pin and is sound sensitive to find the sweet point of every unison. It is my pleasure to use this tuning lever."

Paul Milkie, Piano Technicians Guild Member, 
Kingman, AZ